Information Technology

Our Group IT department are service and support orientated. They continually update their knowledge and skills base to keep pace with the fast moving developments and enhancements in technology. As a group, we continue to invest heavily in our IT resources particularly our central infrastructure which allows us to actively manage multiple networks from a single location. As a result of this investment we can add the same level of service and support to new properties with no additional implementation or license costs.

We have recently implemented a new Group IT Management Solution with a fully integrated help desk. The system is extremely user friendly, intuitive and packed with features, which has brought the following benefits:

  • Centralised the support function for each of our hotels to one location
  • Our engineers receive real-time alerts from all hotels which are managed by way of a ticketing system
  • All IT issues are logged via our support web portal which can be accessed from any desktop
  • Technicians can gain remote access to computers at any location and therefore end users are not required to provide technical information
  • Allows all issues to be acted upon on a priority basis with guaranteed response times
  • Logged calls are fully integrated with each user’s outlook mailbox. Alerts are continually fed back to users as to the status of their request/problem
  • Full records of all issues are kept and this history is used to pre-empt the occurrence of more serious problems arising
  • Our customised IT support solution allows our technicians a point and click method of remotely accessing computers and servers allowing them to perform health checks

Other Services provided by our Group IT Department include:

  • IT audits
  • Application support
  • Disaster recovery
  • Mobile / telephone support
  • Server management
  • Software licensing & contract management
  • IT training
  • Web support
  • IT security and backup services
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