Cash Flow

Arguably the most important of all services provided by our finance team is the management of a hotels working capital requirement. Preserving cash flow has now become the number one priority for most organisations. In tough economic times and the uncertainty within the market place, there is no substitute for cash which is why Tifco will spend a significant amount of our time ensuring that all aspects affecting a hotels cash position are managed effectively. We are sensitive to the unique circumstances of hotels and realise the importance of cash preservation and how this may impact on an organisations survival. This can equally be as important to non distressed hotels where cash reserves can be applied to reducing debt, fund capital investment, or even providing a better return to stakeholders. The following functions are given special attention to ensure that cash reserves are in place to meet financial commitments:

  • Debt collection – we have a highly trained credit control department with many years experience in debt collection
  • Rigorous scrutiny of potential clients before credit is granted.
  • Negotiating favourable credit terms with suppliers. Due to the scale of our operation we now find ourselves in a very strong position when agreeing terms with our creditors
  • Daily review of bank balances and preparation of monthly bank reconciliations
  • Preparation of periodic cash flow statements


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